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The awesome people who make all this process possible is you the Founder and the Investor.


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For Seller - who is a Founder.

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  • Create an account with us and enter all information about your startup.
  • We will review your site to determine if it’s a good fit for the buyers within 24hrs.
  • Once your startup is published, interested Investors will contact you to make an offer or ask questions.
  • After you’ve finalized due diligence process, and you and the buyer are happy, ask your buyer to start an Escrow transaction via the listing page.

For Buyers: Bid and Send Offers.

Join SaasListings for all access to profitable and vetted micro-SaaS and side-projects. Negotiate by making an offer to the seller.

  • Receive an instant email notification for every new listing
  • Get direct access to revenue and traffic metrics for all listings. Makes due-diligence easier and quicker.
  • Get instant access to sellers, no brokers. Reach out to sellers as soon as their listings go live.
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MRR Limit Required
Domain Age
Success Fee
Buyer Access Fee
$0 >
1 Month >
$1,000 >
1> years
$390 >
$100,000 <
1> years
$149 >
$1,000 >
1> years
$149 >
$2,000 >
1> years
10% >
$49 >

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